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How To Buy A Home Gym Online!

Whether you want to lose weight, increase your strength, boost your endurance or maximize your flexibility, you can find the right exercise equipment to meet your goals. In fact, selecting the right equipment hinges on determining your goals first.

How to buy a home gym

There are a number of factors that determine what type of home gym you should purchase.


  • Cables and pulleys
    • The most familiar are those that use one or more weight stacks attached to cables and pulleys to provide the resistance
    • These use a pin put into the stack at the preferred weight you wish to lift
    • Also called "selectorized" machines
  • Elastic bands
    • Use a variety of elastic-type bands to provide various levels of resistance
  • Free weights
    • Used for major strength training and toning
Tips For Buying Fitness Equipment

Amount of weight

  • Choose a home gym that has the right amount of weights in its stack or stacks to fit your goals
  • If more than one person will be using the home gym at the same time, you may also want to select a home gym with two or more weight stacks

Types of lifting

  • Your goals will help in determining the home machine that suits your needs
  • Different machines offer a variety of exercise options from bench presses to curls, from sit-ups to squats
  • Some machines also have add-on options for leg lifts and presses

Number of stations

  • If you will primarily be working out by yourself, a single-station gym with various attachments is sufficient
  • If more than one person wants to use the home gym, consider a model that offers multiple stations
  • You can also find gyms with dual stacks to allow two users to use the gym simultaneously


  • Obviously, the more stations and exercise options, usually the bigger the home gym
  • Determine how much area you have for a home gym and buy a set that fits in that space, or folds up to store in that space

Home Gym Comparisons:

The first thing to realize about purchasing a Home Gym is that they all do virtually the same exercises. Whether you spend $7000 on an elaborate 4-Stack model of $500 on a Taiwan made unit, you will generally be able to perform a few exercises for each muscle group. Try to fit your space and budget with the best unit to fit your needs.

Remember that it is not necessarily what exercises the gym can perform. It is how they are performed. For instance, a shoulder press may be done leaning forward on the entry-level unit. Doing an overhead press with a lumbar support on a more advanced model may be a better way to perform the same exercise. If you are suffering from back problems it may be worth your while to go for the more expensive machine so that you will have the proper support. The same thought process goes for exercises such as the standing leg curl versus a seated or prone leg curl.

Advances in Home Gym technology have evolved this industry from the chrome space-eating monsters of 10 years ago to the sleek vertical-press machines of today. Feature like free-floating handles that can mimic the feel of dumbbells are allowing users to experience a converging axis of movement, producing a more sculpted body. The body has a natural intuitive path of movement for each of the functions that it performs. For a Home Gym manufacturer to attempt to re-create those same biomechanics is a very difficult task. What’s even more difficult, is to produce 30-40 biomechanically correct movements on a single machine that fits into 25 square feet of less.

So what should you focus on to make a smarter purchase? Stick to the basics. Start by trying the 10-12 most important movements and listen to your body. Do your feet rest squarely on the floor? Does the roller pad roll up or down your leg on a leg extension? Can you do lat pulldowns with a full extension? If you are comfortable with the answers to questions such as those, you will want to look at the construction. What gauge steel, cable stretch, bushings, bearings, etc.

Try to select a machine that suits most of your needs. Since this process usually involves the whole family, it may be necessary to compromise and find alternate ways to train a muscle group. You sales professionals online as well as those in fitness specialty stores will be happy to walk you through your first workout.

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