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Home Inversion Therapy And Gravity Tables 

Gravity Table By Motion 

Gravity Table by Motion

All Natural Back Pain Relief! Inversion therapy is a natural way to relieve back pain, increase circulation and reduce stress and tension on the body. Inversion therapy to gently decompress and elongate the spine, alleviating pressure on the discs and nerve roots and allowing important nutrients to flow into the discs. The benefits of inversion have been known for thousands of years and include: increased oxygen to the brain and cells, removal of toxins, increased physical and mental energy, reduced anxiety and stress, lymphatic drainage, plus an effective treatment for many conditions of the spine and back. Indulge yourself and enter the world of Inversion Therapy. Let the stress of the day pass you by, revitalize your energy level or restore your body after physical activity.

  • Promotes spinal health

  • Reverses effects of Gravity

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Decompresses spine

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduces rotational fatigue Prevention

  • Weight: 55 lbs.

  • Capacity 350 lbs.

  • 5-year warranty


The Gravity Table not only helps to relieve back pain but will help to increase circulation, flexibility and strength, reducing the possibility of future back problems and injuries. Rotation The Gravity Table is ideal for increasing circulation throughout the body. Simply using your own bodies leverage, you are in complete control as you raise and lower your arms causing the table to have a rocking motion. This soothing action will flush your bodies toxins and revive your energy level. No other inversion table available can offer the high quality we have put into our table. Our heavy-duty features are made for the high-standards of medical use. We would like you to compare it to anything on the market, and then call us to order your table. Rugged 1.5" frame provides increased stability. Commercial grade chrome-steel supports the table and gives the user stress-free rotation at your desired angle. Removable nylon mat, contoured ankle holders and soft handles give the user the ultimate feeling of comfort and security. Accommodates users up to 6'6" 1.5" steel tube, Heavy 1/2" hardware Comfortable contoured foam supports Foldable Frame for compact storage Titanium Silver Frame, Granite Gray Nylon Cover.

General Information

You are most likely interested in inversion products to help you relieve back pain, decompress your spine, stretch your back and muscles, relieve stress, and help you maintain general wellness. You will probably experience all of these benefits of inversion and much more. However, inversion is not for everyone. Do not use inversion products without your medical advisor's approval if you have any of the following contraindications for inversion therapy. (This is not an exhaustive list. It is intended only for your reference.)

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